Rate Comparison Tool

With the rate’s comparison tool developed by Data Seekers you will be able to lead a strict control of your prices and your competitors in an innumerable number of websites simultaneously. Easy and intuitive, it allows to establish filters, set alerts and keep registers and files of your search history. Save time and money being the first to know whether the prices you offer are appropriate or not. Control your price’s parity and keep your rates permanently updated: hotels, rent a cars, travel agencies, flight + accommodation packages, airlines, etc.[+info]

Online Reputation Manager

This tool analyzes everything said about your establishment. This tool finds automatically the comments that appear in the most important online agencies and social networks. You will be able te access easily to those comments, as well as to your customers ratings about your business, and to compare them with four of your competitors. We help you to improve your online reputation. [+info]

Active Remarketing Platform

Created for hotels and hotel chains, this tool helps to increase the conversion ratio of your direct sales channel or, in other words, the number of bookings your website generates. Every user, when they enter your website, leaves a footprint in the form of a cookie. We are going to track those footprints and turn them into bookings, minimizing the bounce percentage. Recover those booking left uncompleted by undecided users. [+info]

In line rate comparison tool

This tool inserts a rate comparison widget within the booking process on your hotel ́s website. Through this widget, users will be able to compare your rates with those of OTAs in real time, without ever leaving the booking process. It is the best tool to automatically show users you are certainly offering the best price online, prevent them from abandoning your website to compare prices, and therefore, to increase direct sales. [+info]

Real time price matcher

Together with our booking engine, this new functionality matches the rates on the official website of your hotel with those of the online travel agency (OTA) of your choice. It’s a revolution of the world of revenue management. How often have you dreamed of being able to automatically offer the best price online? Thank to our price matcher this is now possible. [+info]